Training Options

Individual Sessions In Your Home  * Zoom Training Sessions * Loose Leash Walk and Train Packages * Puppy Pre-School Packages

Training In Your Home

I come to your home and work one-on-one with you and your dog to achieve your training goals.  Whether you need help introducing a new puppy or dog to your home, or have a beast on leash, I will observe your dog in your home, show you techniques that will jump start your training, and help you set up management tools to prevent problems until training can be achieved.  Training in your home sessions include access to your own private video-tutorial library, which will have videos related to your training needs.  Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs $105 in the Topsail region of NC.  Call (910)431-5680 to see how I can help you and to schedule your sessions.

Zoom Training Sessions

Zoom sessions are actually an ideal for training.  You and your dog will be free of the distraction created by an extra person in your house while we share information and you practice training in the privacy of your home.  I'll be able to see you and your dog (I will help you learn to set up a camera-friendly training area). You'll be able to watch me demonstrate methods and share short video-tutorials related to your training needs.  Sessions are recorded for you to review at anytime, and additional video-tutorials that relate to your training needs will be provided in your own private video library that you access through our website.  The cost for the zoom session is $85, and lasts approximately 1 hour.  Call (910) 431-5680 to schedule your session.

Loose-Leash Walk and Train

Perfect for dogs who know basic obedience cues in the home but are beasts on leash!  I come to your home, leash up your pup and head out for a working walk designed to extinguish pulling and other behaviors such as lunging and leash anxiety.  These sessions will start with the basics of teaching your pup to stop pulling and check in with you when s/he reaches the end of the leash, and will set the foundation for teaching your dog to walk near you with loose-leash.  Depending on how your dog responds, we'll also cover basic cues such as "Leave-it" to prompt your dog when s/he becomes distracted, "Heel" when you need your dog close to you, "Check it out" when you want your dog to sniff and relax,  and "Wait" when you need your dog to stop until you move in front. Each walking session is approximately 30 minutes.  You'll also receive your own online library of video tutorials to teach you the skills you need to continue reinforcing what your dog has learned as you continue your walks with your pup after the training sessions are complete.  Minimum 2 walks per week required to reinforce your dog's learning.  Loose-leash Walk and Train sessions are only offered in packages of 8 sessions and include a free one hour zoom orientation to positive training, 6 walking sessions with your dog, and 2 sessions with you and your dog to coach you in the skills, methods, and cues your dog is learning.  The Walk and Train package is $400.00

  Puppy Pre-School

I am a proud graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start-Right program and I specialize in foundation training and socialization of puppies during their critical socialization period (between 7-16 weeks).  During this time, it's important to provide safe and positive exposure to all things your puppy will likely experience throughout life.  Early, safe, positive training and exposure dramatically lessens the likelihood of behavior problems later in life.  Puppy pre-school is designed for puppies who are too young for training classes due to vaccine status.  Your puppy will be learning from the minute s/he comes home, so it's important to start right away!  Even if you haven't brought your new friend home, we can start sessions to set you and your puppy up for success from minute one.  These sessions include foundation behaviors such as sit, intro to leash walking, leave-it, drop-it, and recall, safe and positive socialization activities, problem prevention strategies (jumping, counter-surfing, separation anxiety, and more) and the basics of crate training, house training, and positive handling to prepare for future grooming and vet visits, and information you'll need to assess when and how to socialize your puppy with other dogs.   Sessions are via zoom or in your home and include personal coaching for you and your puppy and access to the puppy-preschool training library, which includes weekly training topics, enrichment activities, field-trip ideas, and problem-prevention tutorials.  4 weekly sessions plus access to the Puppy Preschool training library is  $360.00  If you would like me to come to your home for the sessions the rate is $420.00 for the 4 home visits.  If you prefer the self-study option, it is available for $200.00