Online: Up with Puppies! Training Empowerment for Puppies and Their People

Comprehensive Training For the First 4 Months Of Your Puppy's Life

Watch and listen to instructor Shannon Morrow discuss what's in the class and why it's important in the video below:

Course Summary

Learning starts from the moment your new puppy enters your home (and before...), so get a jump start on your training before your puppy develops the habit of jumping on you and your guests!  This course is perfect for puppies who are too young or not yet ready for group classes due to vaccination status, temperament, special needs, or human scheduling challenges.  
Enjoy the benefits of having a professional guide you through teaching your puppy all they need to know. Instructor Shannon Morrow is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right course, and has a wealth of information and specialized training designed to help puppy parents start their new best friends on a safe, positive, and fun journey together.  Shannon has chosen this video series, created by Empowered Dog, to compliment her coaching and to provide clients with resources they will need long beyond any coaching sessions she can offer.   This course is so thorough that it can be successfully used as a self-study, self-paced class, or it is included for no extra cost with the purchase of Shannon's Puppy-Pre-School coaching sessions.  
With these step-by-step video tutorials you can watch and train at your own pace.  Even if your puppy is too young for puppy classes or has not received vaccine immunity yet, you can start now to ensure that your puppy is on track to gain everything needed to become a confident, relaxed dog in adulthood.  This series includes 86 training videos including training games, enrichment activities, fun field trip activities, obedience skills, a guide to positive exposure and socialization, crate training, potty training, and more.  
Core Obedience Skills including:  Name recognition, sit, recall, down, targeting, settle on mat, watch me, loose leash manners, leave it, stay, drop, roll-over, spin, and more.
Potty and Crate Training
Problem Prevention:  Jumping, biting, chewing, separation anxiety, digging, resource guarding, and counter surfing
The Human Side of Things:  Skills and knowledge to set you up for training success
Training Games
Mental Stimulation and Enrichment Activities
Fun Field Trip Ideas
Socialization Information and Activities
Voluntary quizzes and assignments to keep you motivated and engaged with your instructor and the community.
Trainer In Your Pocket:  Join our community to interact in our forum, ask your instructor questions, and share successes and struggles.
1 Year Access:  Refer to the course anytime you need to even after you and your pup graduate!

Course Curriculum

Shannon Morrow

Shannon Morrow, CCDT, KPA Puppy Start-Right Instructor, DN-WTWI, is co-owner and certified dog trainer at Surf Sitters Pet Care and Up With Pups Dog Training in Surf City, N.C. Shannon has worked with hundreds of dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, energy levels, and abilities. Starting her career as a dog walker and pet sitter gave her insight into the behavioral challenges many pet parents face with their furry best friends, and fueled her desire to learn more in order to help dogs and their people live together in harmony. Shannon is currently studying to become a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.  Shannon uses only fear-free methods and equipment for all training and pet care, and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, an organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and humane practices in animal care and training.  

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Course Pricing

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    Comprehensive training for the first 6 months of your puppy's life.

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  • 86 Concise Training Videos
  • Comprehensive Socialization Strategies and Activities
  • Enrichment and Mental Stimulation Games
  • Core Obedience Skills - Sit, Recall, Down, Stay, Leash Skills, and more
  • Potty and Crate Training
  • Fun Training Games
  • Field Trip Ideas and Strategies
  • Problem Prevention: Jumping, Biting, Chewing, Digging, and more
  • The Human Side of Things - Knowledge and Skills To Help You Train and Bond
  • Trainer In Your Pocket - Access Your Instructor Through Our Community Group