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Socialization and Positive Exposure to Everything Your Puppy Will Likely Experience in Life

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It's a wonderful world and we know you can't wait to introduce your new best friend to all the people and places you will experience together.  This course will empower you to expose your pup to your world safely. Young puppies are susceptible to disease before their immune systems have a chance to become effective. But this doesn’t mean you should wait until they are older to introduce them to the wider world. Carry them if you need to, but make sure to start the socialization process as soon as possible. Socialization is about more than introducing your puppy to other dogs or people…The real goal of socialization is to get your puppy comfortable with everything they are likely to experience in life including people, other animals, surfaces, sounds, and more. We've even included a tutorial on introducing your puppy to a crate, which is one of the most important things to do correctly when you bring your new pup home. This mini-course includes 16 videos, our handy socialization ebook and checklist, and 3 fun field trip ideas for you and your puppy. We useEmpowered Dog positive training curriculum, so you can trust that your dog is getting the best training available.  Study at your own pace on any device, anywhere you like - even out at the park with your pup!

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Shannon Morrow

Shannon Morrow, CCDT, KPA Puppy Start-Right Instructor, DN-WTWI, is co-owner and certified dog trainer at Surf Sitters Pet Care and Up With Pups Dog Training in Surf City, N.C. Shannon has worked with hundreds of dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, energy levels, and abilities. Starting her career as a dog walker and pet sitter gave her insight into the behavioral challenges many pet parents face with their furry best friends, and fueled her desire to learn more in order to help dogs and their people live together in harmony. Shannon is currently studying to become a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.  Shannon uses only fear-free methods and equipment for all training and pet care, and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, an organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and humane practices in animal care and training.  

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