Online: Mastering Calm Loose-Leash Walking

Positive Steps To Stop Pulling And Start Enjoying Walks With Your Dog

Course Summary

While no-pull harnesses can help limit leash-pulling, the trick is to teach your dog to focus on you as needed throughout the walk. These exercises will help improve your dog's focus while teaching your dog loose-leash skills. This short course includes 4 lessons that will teach you how to reward your dog for calm walking, and 12 step-by-step exercises to improve your dog's walking skills.  Though the course does focus on teaching you and your dog to walk side by side, there are also activities and exercises that help your dog to relax on leash by letting your dog do the thing dogs do best:  Sniff!  Balanced walks include time for your dog to enjoy their olfactory senses and the sounds, sights, and experiences of the every day world. This course does not cover leash reactivity but does include 4 videos that will teach your dog to focus on you even when walking by distractions such as other dogs, bikes, skateboards, children, cats, and other common triggers for excited or reactive behavior. As a bonus, I've even included a video on choosing the right harness or collar for your dog.  Remember - training is a life-long activity that should be fun for you both.  These exercises and games are simple, short, and based on positive methods that will be engaging and stimulating for your dog and manageable for your busy schedule.    If you can consistently dedicate 15 minutes daily to training your dog (in addition to your normal walks), you will see improvement in your dog's walking manners as well as their overall behavior in your home.  Why?  Dogs love to learn.  Training is very stimulating for them and creates a sense of satisfaction that results in relaxed household behavior.  Happy Training!

Course Curriculum

Shannon Morrow

Shannon Morrow, CCDT, KPA Puppy Start-Right Instructor, DN-WTWI, is co-owner and certified dog trainer at Surf Sitters Pet Care and Up With Pups Dog Training in Surf City, N.C. Shannon has worked with hundreds of dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, energy levels, and abilities. Starting her career as a dog walker and pet sitter gave her insight into the behavioral challenges many pet parents face with their furry best friends, and fueled her desire to learn more in order to help dogs and their people live together in harmony. Shannon is currently studying to become a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.  Shannon uses only fear-free methods and equipment for all training and pet care, and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild, an organization dedicated to promoting professionalism and humane practices in animal care and training.  

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