Coming In January 2022: Walk This Way In-Person Group Class

Positive steps to stop the pulling and start enjoying walks with your dog!

Course Summary

While no-pull harnesses can help limit leash-pulling, the trick is to teach your dog to focus on you as needed throughout the walk. These 6 sessions will help improve your dog's focus while teaching you and your dog loose-leash skills.   We'll start in low-distraction areas with simple exercises to improve focus and gradually work towards walking by distractions like other dogs and people.  This class will set you and your dog up for success and help you avoid the temptation to use aversive methods like prong or choke collars.  In addition to a variety of cues and exercises to improve leash skills, we'll play interactive games that will make learning fun for all.
Walk This Way is a program created by master trainer Louise Stapleton Frapell.  The training is done through repetition and positive reinforcement.  We'll be rewarding our dogs amply for their successes.  Positive reinforcement and practice make perfect, and your dog will love this training because he or she will be rewarded frequently rather than punished for stepping out of bounds.  Using food to teach new habits and cues creates a positive association with the task at hand.  Your dog will enjoy learning and will become conditioned to check-in with you and stay closer to you knowing that an occasional reward might be in the future!  Rapid and frequent reinforcement with food is needed at first, but we'll also start you and your dog on the way to reducing the treats as we progress.  We always recommend having a few treats in your pocket for when your dog is really good, but we will fade the treats, and as your dog learns, you can begin to substitute praise, friendly touch, and play for treats.
Each class is approximately 1 hour in duration and is limited to 4 person/dog attendees to keep distractions to a minimum and allow everyone ample time and space for practice.  Classes 1-4 will be held in our fenced back yard to minimize distractions.  Classes 5 and 6 will take place at local parks (Surf City Community Center, Holly Ridge park, or Stump Sound Park in Sneads Ferry. )  We do not have an indoor training facility large enough for walking, so wear weather- appropriate clothing for the hour long session.  Rain dates will be posted alongside the schedule just in case!
This course is an alternative to using aversive training collars or punishments to change behavior and stop pulling.  You may use a harness that you already have, or purchase one that we recommend for the course.  Well-trained dogs can walk with leash and collar, but we recommend harnesses to prevent accidental injury to your dog's neck even after training is complete. See the video at the foot of this page for a guide to choosing a great harness for your dog!
You will need:  A standard 5 or 6 foot leash, a training harness, dog waste bags, a variety of training treats and some extra yummy food items that your dog will do anything for (think small pieces of cheese, chopped hot dogs, etc.), and a training pouch or pockets to keep treats in.
Contact us now for class dates beginning January 2022!

Would you like to learn more about using food rewards to train your dog?  Watch the video below to hear Shannon talk about using treats on walks to promote focus and what types of treats you might want to try.  This video is part of our online course"Mastering Calm Walking".

Have questions about what kind of harness might work best for your dog?  In this video, Shannon gives an overview of a variety of harnesses.  Watch below or give us a call at (910) 431-5680.  We are always happy to make recommendations whether you take our courses or not!

Shannon Morrow

Shannon Morrow is co-owner and certified dog trainer at Surf Sitters Pet Care and Up With Pups Dog Training in Surf City, N.C. Shannon has worked with hundreds of dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, energy levels, and abilities. Starting her career as a dog walker and pet sitter gave her insight into the behavioral challenges many pet parents face with their furry best friends, and fueled her desire to learn more in order to help dogs and their people live together in harmony.  After completing her training certification through the Pet Care Institute In Wilmington, N.C., Shannon joined the Empowered Dog community in order to take her knowledge to a higher level.  Empowered Dog is a group of trainers committed to providing trainers from around the world with the best positive training materials available.  Shannon uses Empowered Dog methods, materials, and curricula to guide herself and her clients towards success and a loving bond with their canine friends.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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