Get to know CCDT and KPA Puppy Start Right Instructor Shannon Morrow and learn about positive training methods in this orientation video.  You'll get an idea of who you are considering hiring to work with your canine best friend, and will learn a bit about how dogs learn and think and other nerdy dog info along the way.  This isn't a waste of your time - you will find beneficial tips and information throughout the video.

About Us

 Up With  Pups is the co-creation of John Barrile and Shannon Morrow, partners in love and life and owners of Surf Sitters Pet Care and Dog Walking, LLC and Up With Pups Dog Training.  Locals in the Surf City, NC area know us as the folks with spare leashes draped over our shoulders, fur covered pants, and pockets full of treats.  We've worked with hundreds of dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, energy-levels, and abilities since 2015, when we opened for business.  We got our start in pet care as pet sitters and dog walkers, then moved on to learn the art of managing and training our own pet care team to assist.  In order to best serve our clients, we took the next step to become Certified Dog Trainers through the Pet Care Institute in Wilmington, NC. Shannon is also a Karen Pryor AcademyPuppy Start Right Instructor, and specializes in puppy socialization and training during the critical early stages of puppy development. Shannon is the Up with Pups trainer, with John pitching in when assistance is needed.
 Instead of throwing in the towel when the pandemic hit in 2020, we decided to take our skills online.  We couldn't be happier with our decision.  In the old days, we struggled with delivering loads of information during training sessions, sometimes leaving very little time to actually work with the dogs.  Now we are able to offer our in-person and virtual clients the information they need via video tutorials that they can watch and re-watch, share with their whole families, and access whenever they need to refresh their memories.  The fact is that we can train your dog for you, but the real skill is in teaching you to train your own dog.  Our online programs are so thorough and comprehensive that you'll never be one of the many folks we know who say:  "The trainer had my dog behaving perfectly, but he still doesn't listen to me."
Up with Pups uses Empowered Dog  and KPA Puppy Start Right training methods, materials, videos, and class curricula for the most up-to-date, positive training methods available.

Why Name our Business Up with Pups?

When we say "Up with Pups" it makes us happy.  Pups love to jump up on things - couches, beds, park benches, people, you name it.  While jumping is not always an acceptable or polite behavior, it is an opportunity to capture a behavior that dogs naturally offer, then follow it up with the "Off" cue because of course, once the pup is up, he'll need to come down at some point!  Part of effective training is "capturing" behaviors that dogs offer, marking them and teaching the dog a verbal or visual cue to go with the behavior.  When your dog is sucessful at performing cues, it builds confidence and creates a bond between you and your dog.  Since dogs love to jump up, teaching them the "Up" cue is easy and provides opportunity to follow up with the "Off" cue when their 4 paws hit the floor. We're not suggesting that you teach your dog to jump on your chest or anywhere else you'd prefer them avoid - just suggesting that you can turn a negative into a positive by noticing what your pup offers and making good use of it.  For us, dogs on the bed are always welcome, but when we say "Off" they know what to do.

Shannon Morrow

John Barrile